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Case Study, Pure Honey: 800% Traffic Growth Without Ads.

Pure Honey’s 800% Traffic Growth Using NeuronWriter: Zero Ads, All Organic


I didn’t expect I could rank so high on Google, so I’m really happy. I do everything by myself, and I don’t need a marketing agency.


Szczepan Klamczyński, owner of Pure Honey






  • 800% increase in organic traffic in only 1 year.
  • 70% increase in sales as a result of increased traffic.
  • The first article written using NeuronWriter ranked #1 on Google after only 2 weeks.


About Pure Honey


Szczepan, owner of Pure Honey, saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the Dutch market and bring Polish honey to the Netherlands. Szczepan poured his heart into offering high-quality honey and related products. 

However, despite his dedication, he faced a daunting challenge: gaining visibility online. He was offering premium honey, but his website struggled to attract the sweet flow of traffic he had hoped for.


THE CHALLENGE: Finding an Effective SEO Strategy Without Paying for Agencies


Szczepan’s website,, the cornerstone of his Pure Honey business, encountered difficulties with Google rankings.


“I was looking for something to rank higher. I had a contract with a marketing agency for one year, but I was not so happy with them.


Disheartened by the lackluster results he was getting, Szczepan realized he needed to take matters into his own hands.


“Since I also finished IT school in Poland, I thought that maybe I could do it by myself and not pay for marketing.“


Could it be done without relying on marketing agencies or ads?


THE SOLUTION: Making Optimised Articles Using NeuronWriter’s Suggestions


Facing the challenge of improving his website’s visibility without paying for ads or agencies, Szczepan searched YouTube for recommendations:


“I found someone who spoke about many kinds of tools for content writing, and he said that NeuronWriter is much better than other popular tools, and it’s cheaper.”


Convinced, he tried NeuronWriter. Quickly recognizing its value, he secured a license.


His strategy involved leveraging NeuronWriter’s insights for content creation.


“I first find keywords that are frequently searched for, such as “honey in coffee” (honing in koffie), and based on that, I create an article in NeuronWriter,” he explained.


He meticulously followed NeuronWriter’s suggestions on keyword usage and article length.

Determined to outdo his competition, Szczepan aimed for higher content scores, saying, 

“If my competition had a score of about 60, then I wanted to make an article with a score of about 70.”


But just how much did using Neuronwriter transform his business?



THE RESULTS: Ranked #1 in less than two weeks, sales up by 70%


“After publishing my first article about honey in coffee using NeuronWriter, it reached #1 on Google in only 2 weeks, and I’m still ranking #1 for that topic,” Szczepan recounted.


“Over the course of the year, organic traffic to the Pure Honey store increased by more than 800%, and sales growth exceeded 70%. It’s a really nice result considering I started using NeuronWriter almost a year ago.”





Talking about his experience using the tool, he added:


“Like any tool, you need to spend the time to learn it, but if you learn it, then it’s not very difficult to use.“

His commitment to using NeuronWriter daily allowed him to streamline his content creation process significantly, reducing the time required to create a compelling article.


Now I can create a very nice article within 20 minutes.


Szczepan’s positive experience extended beyond his Pure Honey store.


“I created another website about recipes with honey. There, I have only articles created with NeuronWriter. The site was created in October 2023, and I also noticed significant increases, he said.


In just 4 months, organic traffic to his brand new website,, increased by 220%.



Encouraging others to try NeuronWriter, Szczepan affirmed:


“For anyone thinking of buying it, they can increase the organic visibility of their website for sure, and with visibility, they can also sell more of their products.”


Through NeuronWriter, Szczepan not only found a solution to his SEO challenges but also discovered a way to passionately share the benefits of Polish honey with the Netherlands and beyond.


He proved that dedication and strategy need to be coupled with the right tool to achieve online visibility.


  Want results like this for yourself? 




 To start your FREE NeuronWriter trial, visit:

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how did you optimize product pages? these AI writers typically write only blog form content