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SlotsWise SEO Success: Organic Visibility Soars 60%

Case Study: SlotsWise – Increase in organic visibility by 60%.


SlotsWise is a UK-based website specializing in comprehensive reviews, guides and news related to slot games and online casinos. Faced with the challenge of maintaining continuous growth and user engagement, the company decided to use Neuronwriter to help overcome these difficulties.




*  Increased organic traffic by 60% in a short period of time, increasing views and clicks.

* Positive user feedback, increasing average session duration and reducing rejection rates by 40%.

* Significant improvement in search engine ranking for relevant keywords.


About SlotsWise


The site’s mission is to provide valuable information, to online players, supporting them in making informed decisions in the gaming world. In addition, the promotions available on SlotsWise enrich players’ experience, providing access to attractive bonuses and rewards at a variety of online casinos.


SEO Challenges


* Challenges in content optimization: SlotsWise sought to improve organic visibility and attract relevant traffic.

* The competitive nature of the online gambling industry required building thematic authority and improving content quality.

* The main challenges are to achieve high rankings in popular slot game reviews, casino types and industry updates.

* There was a growing need for comprehensive slot machine game reviews, casino strategy guides and up-to-date industry updates to satisfy the target audience.




Faced with search engine visibility challenges, SlotsWise decided to revolutionize its content strategy with NEURONwriter.

This enabled the company to not only optimize existing content, but also strategically plan new content.


“When we started using NEURONwriter, our path to success in the online world took on a whole new dimension. This tool has not only transformed our content, but has become a key component of our digital strategy, allowing us to appear online with new strength.”


Here’s how NEURONwriter helped us, SlotsWise, succeed


  • Content optimization. Thanks to NEURONwriter, our content has become more relevant and fresh. Analysis of content performance including readability score, MOZ score and keyword density allowed us to make changes that made our content more readable and aligned with search engine algorithms.


  • Content planning. NEURONwriter helped in planning what we wanted to write, considering the right keywords and topics of interest to our audience. We noticed that we were missing some information in the text, and saw opportunities to develop topics related to online gambling. NEURONwriter also gave us ideas about the type of content we need, how long our posts should be, and what topics are worth covering.


  • Internal linking. Our internal linking strategy was strengthened . This enabled us to create a consistent content structure that not only improved navigation on our site, but also contributed to better indexing by search engines.


  • Strengthening authority. Thanks to NEURONwriter insights, we not only improved our rankings, but also strengthened our relevance as a leader in the online gambling industry. Our content has become more compelling and authoritative, which has built trust among our users.


What SlotsWise’s SEO manager says about NEURONwriter:


“Thanks to NEURONwriter, SlotsWise has not only made its presence felt online, but also gained a new quality in communicating with our users. This tool has allowed us to turn challenges into opportunities and achieve success that previously seemed unattainable.

We are proud to share this success story and inspire others to realize the potential of NEURONwriter in their own online activities.”





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